I’ve Tried Every Brand of Hummus and These 5 Are Out of This World

July 12, 2018

If you look in my fridge at any given time, you’ll see about three different types of hummus stacked in the center. While I love eating hummus and veggies before a workout or as a pre-dinner snack, I also realize that it’s a very resourceful product to have on hand each week – the options are endless. Lately, I’ve been adding a spoonful or two to my Greek salads for extra protein and flavor. I’ve also been experimenting with a thick layer of dressing on some crispy toast, along with avocado slices, lemon and a bit of red pepper flakes.

When I have the time (and enough ambition to clean a food processor), I like to make my own hummus using fresh herbs, garlic, lemon, and good quality olive oil. But even though mastering homemade hummus is fairly simple, I find that grabbing a container from the store never hurts.

Finding a delicious store-bought hummus is not always easy. Many brands include different types of oils and preservatives to extend the shelf life, which defeats the purpose of choosing hummus as a healthy snack in the first place. That’s why I started looking for some of the best hummus brands based on taste and whole ingredients. From using cold preparation methods to farm fresh vegetables, these store-bought brands are just as appetizing and nutritious.

Treat your taste buds with organic heritage hummus or innovative flavors like smoked paprika, black beans, or even spicy buffalo. There’s even a dessert hummus that tastes like brownie batter and cookie dough, and that’s what we’re here for.

Ithaca Cold Process.
Ithaca Cold-Crafted uses only fresh ingredients that taste just as good as homemade hummus, and you can even trick your friends into thinking you’re making it from scratch. While I usually gravitate towards popular flavors like fresh lemon garlic and roasted red pepper, I’ve recently fallen in love with Ithaca’s more adventurous options like fresh lemon beets and smoked paprika hummus. Who doesn’t love a pretty pink snack or a bold smoky treat, and Ithaca Cold-Crafted also prides itself on using only the best ingredients, so you never have to worry about any artificial flavors or preservatives. They don’t even contain soy or canola!

Sourced from local farmers and suppliers, Roots uses only the freshest produce and ingredients to make the perfect creamy hummus. In fact, you’ll find all the natural ingredients on the top of the container. If you’re looking for something a little more basic, roasted garlic hummus – or “vampire killer” as they call it – is rich and savory, but not too overpowering. Black bean hummus has the perfect texture and is a great addition to tacos or a Mexican-inspired salad. Spinach hummus is probably the easiest way to get some extra green in your day. If you’re interested in a lighter flavor and fewer calories, you can even choose from a variety of oil-free flavors.

If you’ve ever eaten fast food at Cava, you already know how delicious and nutritious its products are. But did you know you can enjoy Cava hummus and dips in the comfort of your own home, where Cava makes small batches in Washington, D.C., and Culver City, California, creating a mouthwatering line of hummus and sauces like Tzatziki, Crazy Feta, as well as eggplant and roasted red peppers? Want something mellow? Try the caramelized onion hummus. Want a little excitement? Made with mild harissa spices, Spicy Hummus is a game-changer. Even traditional hummus is worth a try.

Trader Joe’s.
Tired of eating boring, tasteless hummus? Well, Trader Joe’s has about two dozen options, but the usual stuff. If you want something light and refreshing, the white bean and basil hummus is a must. It’s smooth and creamy, but bold in flavor. If you like something spicy, organic buffalo-style hummus is perfect for dipping carrots and celery. But my favorite TJ’s hummus has to be Spicy Avocado because it tastes so good with just about everything. The combination of mashed chickpeas and avocado with just a hint of lime is perfect on toast, in salads, and sliced veggies and crackers. You might want to buy a container of each to test it out for yourself!

The Joy of Dessert
If you’ve never had dessert hummus before, you should get your hands on a tub as soon as humanly possible. Who knew that healthy, protein-rich chickpeas could be disguised as Snickers or edible brownie batter?Made with minimal natural ingredients, Delighted By perfectly creates a guilt-free yet indulgent dessert hummus that’s perfect for any age. They’re also non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. From pumpkin pie to red velvet and even mint chocolate fudge, Delighted By desserts are a great solution for a sweet and nutritious treat.