Oprah Just Revealed Her Favorite Things of 2019

January 4, 2019

It may not be December 25th, but today *definitely* feels like Christmas – because the highly-anticipated Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019 list has just been released. The curated collection, unveiled in O, The Oprah Magazine, includes all of Oprah’s favorite products from the past year, with her selections ranging from luxury beauty to healthy home goods to super-comfy sneakers.

The 2019 list includes 79 unique gift recommendations you can shop for your loved ones this holiday season. Thankfully, Oprah understands how difficult it can be to find all of her favorite products online. So, like a true saint, the ultimate A-lister has assembled many of her top picks in her Amazon storefront for the fifth year in a row – making it easy to shop everything in one place.

While there are plenty of phenomenal options – including this super snazzy Amazon coat and handmade smart laptop – let’s agree that 79 items is a lot to browse through. So, to make this list a little more digestible, we scoured Oprah’s favorites ahead of time to find the best healthy home and lifestyle items that are actually worth spending money on. Whether you’re snapping things up for yourself or you’re looking for holiday gifts, Oprah has you covered.

Yedi Houseware 9-in-1 All-In-1 Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker

Move over InstantPot-Oprah just announced this 9-in-1 pressure cooker as the hottest kitchen project of 2019. She calls out the Yedi for its “versatility” and recommends it for cooking everything from steamed zucchini to cakes. Life is, after all, about balance.

Available at amazon.com for $100.

Softies Marshmallow Hooded Recliner

A super comfortable nightgown may not be necessary for a good night’s sleep by all accounts, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. Plus, the hooded one-piece pajamas are so soft and comfortable, the brand has to call them “cotton candy” – and Oprah agrees.

It’s available at amazon.com for $99.

Apple Watch Series 5 Titanium.

You won’t believe how much health information Apple’s latest watch model can store on your wrist. the Apple Watch series 5 can not only track your heart rate, hourly exercise, and overall activity, but it can even detect falls or warn you when your environment is too noisy.

Available at amazon.com for $799.

Prepster Emergency Bag.

This handy backpack is filled with everything you might need in an emergency, from an extra USB charger to pliers. There are also some comforting non-essentials, including Mast chocolate and Marvis’ fancy British toothpaste.

They’re available at amazon.com for $395.

Alara Women’s Wanderlust Sweatshirt.

It may be a slight exaggeration to call this sweatshirt a healthy sweatshirt, but its softness and comfort make it irresistible to us. This stylish V-neck housecoat top also comes with matching pants and comes in a variety of sizes (XS-XXXL). No wonder Oprah thinks it’s one of her favorites.

It’s available on Amazon for $135.

Powerbeats Pro Fully Wireless Headphones

Oprah calls these sweat- and water-resistant earbuds “the perfect workout buddy,” and we have to agree. Not only does the battery last up to nine hours, but the secure fit means they’ll stay put even during the toughest workouts. Plus, the wireless headphones come in four funky colors.

They’re available on Amazon.com for $250.

Flywheel Sports home exercise bike with a free two-month subscription.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking an intense spin class in the privacy of your own home, think no more. This Flywheel bike offers on-demand programming in a built-in tablet screen, so you can attend a studio-intensive class on your own time. Reviewers say the home exercise bike is easy to install and use and totally worth the price – one customer called it “life-changing,” while another said it’s an “incredible way to exercise if you can’t make it to the gym.” Who says you need a gym membership to work out?

Available at Amazon.com for $1,399.

Ninja Foodi Hot/Cold Blender

Say goodbye to your Vitamix, because Oprah just called this affordable blender her go-to for smoothies and soups. This versatile kitchen tool is powerful enough to not only crush ice, but also heat up the perfect cheese fondue.

It can be purchased at amazon.com for $160.

Marijuana Essentials Spa Treatment

Your feet deserve the same anti-aging treatment as the delicate skin on your eyes, neck, and hands, and this Oprah-approved double foot spa treatment is the perfect way to relax at the end of a long day, and thanks to the addition of cannabis, it can even help soothe pain.

It’s available on Amazon.com for $150.

Haven’t found the perfect item for your loved one on this list yet? You can check out her full selection here. After all, Oprah is the ~last~ gift giver.