Rebel Wilson Shows Off Her Progress

June 18, 2019

Rebel Wilson is looking glamorous as she continues to work on her health goals for this year.

On Monday, the Pitch Perfect actress shared a series of personal photos of herself in a cobalt blue dress.The 40-year-old recently opened up about her 2020 goals, sharing that she’s trying to slim down to 75 kilograms, or 165 pounds, by the end of the year.

Wilson noted that she took a moment to take photos in her hotel room while doing press promotions for the upcoming Australian comedy series “LOL,” which will premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on June 19.

Last month, the actress posted a photo on Instagram in which she spoke candidly about her health goals.

“Keep going even if you have to crawl towards your goal x it will be worth it,” she wrote alongside the photo.” Try to put in a little effort each day…. I know some days are frustrating and you feel like giving up and you get irritated at the lack of progress…. But good things are coming your way this year.”

The caption goes on to say: “I’ll be honest with you guys – I’m on a ‘healthy year’ mission, I’m trying to get to 75kg and career-wise I’m trying to get one of my films into production by the end of the year! Both of those things require daily effort and constant setbacks – but I’m working on it x.”

Wilson has spoken in the past about her weight loss while filming “Cats,” and in December, she told Entertainment Tonight that between the physical activity required for her role and the warm temperatures on set, she lost eight pounds in less than a week.

“I lost eight pounds, shooting my number, in four days,” Wilson said.” One, because there was a lot of physicality…. But at the same time, they heated the set up so high, almost 100 [degrees Fahrenheit], so we could never cool down.”