Top 7 Life Changing Beauty Tips

Back when I was in college, I desperately wanted to get Gwen Stefani’s platinum blonde hair, so I did what any teenager is Would have done the thing and dyed my own hair, but chunks of it came off. Let me tell you, this shit is B-A-N-A chalking it up to college naivete and not properly following instructions, but I’m not sure what to make of it. Thought I knew all the beauty tricks in the world to fix it all with a different look. It wasn’t until the one time the school bully made fun of me for having a mullet that I went back to the local drugstore to dye my hair back to its natural deep blonde color, charged for the privilege of hiring a Professional Hairdresser.

My hair is still in pretty bad shape, but I haven’t sacrificed my firstborn to a healthier hair to a Rumpelstiltskin, instead, became Carmen who investigated DIY hair care solutions Sandiego. i scour the internet for affordable tips and randomly stop women on the street begging them to share Secrets to getting shiny hair. My quest for hair secrets continued after college, and when I became a travel journalist, I put my question to the Take it abroad. Thankfully, many women are happy to share stories and secrets passed down from their great-grandmothers, and I’ve written them all down. Below, check out my favorite, affordable beauty secrets that I’ve learned from traveling around the world.

Coconut oil to protect your hair from damage.
Back in 2014, I went to Thailand to get my scuba diving certification. While that experience was incredible, the ocean was very dangerous to my long hair and would weave itself into a giant knot! –similar to a very long nest. Fortunately, a local Thai woman told me that there is more than one benefit to using coconut oil to protect your hair. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which has antibacterial properties and is good for the scalp, as well as fatty acids that help keep It hydrates, strengthens and shines the hair. It acts as a natural detoxifier and if you use it as a hair mask, studies have shown that it’s more effective on dry hair than wet hair.

For daily use, I now put fifteen drops of melted coconut oil in a spray bottle, add water, shake, spray, and I have a DIY detox! toxins. Other cases require a more direct oil to hair lather, such as absorbing chlorine or salt water in the hair before entering a pool or sea Apply to hair before. Using coconut oil makes my hair more manageable, easier to comb and ultimately leaves my strands undamaged.

Clay to purify the skin.
Costa Rica
After arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica, I drove three hours to attend one of the world’s only eco-friendly music festivals, the Envision. it was at this particular festival that I stumbled across a table where people were using blue clay Bathe yourself and look all like little Avatars. I learned that this practice has been carried out by the indigenous tribes of the land, who use clay native to the rainforest. Traditionally, the clay was used as an antiseptic, mosquito repellent and exfoliant. Today, it is used to remove toxins, dead skin cells and impurities from the skin.

Since traveling with wet clay on planes is so unpopular, I wasn’t able to bring any home with me, but after a quick internet search, the I found Aztec Secret Indian Therapy Clay. It’s one of the best rated products on Amazon and celebrities like Lili Reinhart and Mindy Kaling love it. If you ask me, using it on your face and body is the perfect way to detoxify after a week of partying in the jungle.

Argan oil brings a healthy lock.
In Morocco, the streets are paved with liquid gold, or argan oil. It is used in everything from amlou (argan oil and almond spread used in argan pancakes) to a range of beauty products, whose compliments It has been sung by celebrities such as Meghan Markle. Recently, I had a scalp massage while in Marrakech, and the masseuse explained to me how, in Berber culture, argan oil is essential to achieving healthy of how important the hair is – I saw the effects of it immediately after the shower. After the shower, I noticed my hair was noticeably shinier, smoother, and even less frizzy.

Grapeseed oil nourishes the skin.
In the wine region of Temecula, California, grape seed oil is a byproduct of winemaking. During the winemaking process, grapes are pressed and the seeds are left behind, which are then pressed into oil. Grapeseed oil is not only good for your hair, but also for your skin – studies have shown that it effectively penetrates the skin, and because this oil It’s high in omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E, which help fight free radicals and nourish the skin’s barrier. At home, I use grapeseed oil as a moisturizing and cleansing oil and mix it with a little turbinado sugar to make a body scrub. Another reason to be thankful for wine.

Lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling.
On a recent trip, I learned about the various benefits of draining the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is our body’s waste removal system, which means that when you drain fluid from your blood vessels, you remove excess toxins, Metabolic waste, infections, etc. are pushed into the lymph nodes to be destroyed. Not only is this good for your overall health, but it works wonders for your skin as well.

Shea Butter for nourishing your skin.
West Africa.
Apparently, everyone from Cleopatra to the Queen of Sheba uses this native nut to help achieve silky smooth hair and smooth skin. Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree and is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins such as E, A and F. This butter is a powerful emollient ingredient used to treat scars, boost collagen, reduce signs of aging, clear acne and as a moisturizer, although it looks thick, butter melts at room temperature and is easily absorbed into the skin – enhancing your skin! The ability to retain water, i.e. moisture!

Sea salt for the scalp.
For centuries, Hawaiians have been celebrated for their long, healthy hair. After swapping beauty tips with the friendliest flight attendants on Hawaiian Airlines, I learned that sea salt is the most coveted hair care in the state! One of the products. Healthy hair starts in the scalp, but unfortunately, many people use products that cause heavy scalp buildup, which can lead to dandruff and Stunted hair growth and pH imbalances can even rob your scalp and hair of their natural oils. Using a weekly scalp scrub will help reduce dandruff, release clogged follicles, increase hair volume, and improve shine.