What Is Military Diet? Can It Help You Lose Weight?

October 24, 2020

One of the most searched for diets on Google today, The military diet has actually been around for years! . The program is designed to promote rapid weight loss, and the website says followers can expect to lose 10 pounds in a week without strenuous exercise or prescriptions. The entire three-day program is available online for free, with no subscription or login required and no books or products to purchase.

Sound too good to be true? Before you decide whether to try it, you should know the following: exactly how to start, what you can and can’t eat, and Does it bring long-term weight loss.

It’s a 3 day, 4 world strategy.
On the military diet, you follow a strict meal plan for three consecutive days. The first day of the plan provides 1400 calories, the second day 1200 calories, and the third day 1100 calories. For the next four days, you can eat anything you want. However, supporters of the plan recommend sticking to 1,500 calories or less for optimal weight loss. You continue to follow the cycle of three days of eating and four days of stopping for as long as it takes to reach your goal weight.

Food is very “DIY”
What to eat for each of the specific three days is detailed on the website. The plan is very basic and includes a lot of food on its own. For example, dinner on the first day is two hot dogs (no bread), 1 cup of broccoli, half a cup of baby carrots, half a banana, half a cup of vanilla Ice cream. The third day’s dinner included a cup of tuna, half a banana, and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

The website lists substitutions for the vegetarian and vegan versions of the plan, such as tofu instead of hot dogs, and vegan ice cream. If other substitutions need to be made, the site emphasizes replacing foods based on the same number of calories, rather than the same portion size. For example, if you are gluten-free and you eat crackers instead of the five salty crackers included on day two and day three, you should offer the same as the salty Cookie the exact same number of calories, regardless of the new portion size.

Black coffee with or without stevia is also allowed, and water is encouraged throughout the day. In addition to salt, pepper, lemon juice, Mrs. Dash and very small amounts of low-calorie condiments such as mustard and Frank’s Hot sauce, other condiments are not allowed. Alcohol is prohibited during the three-day phase, but may be consumed on the four rest days of the week.

Exercise is encouraged.
Despite the low calorie levels, supporters of the program recommend walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If you were already on a cardio/weightlifting/cycling plan before you started the diet, they recommend continuing it. However, they point out that if your workouts leave you feeling dizzy or weak, you should slow down your workouts during the three-day phase.

The military diet hasn’t been studied yet
The program’s website says the diet is safe and effective, but there is no published research to provide information about average weight loss, potential of health outcomes, or information on the ratio of weight loss maintenance to recovery. The program’s website also states that the diet combines calorie restriction with what they refer to as “chemically compatible foods” aimed at work together and kick-start weight loss, but this hasn’t been studied. They also claim that, unlike other diets, this plan won’t slow down your metabolism – again, this hasn’t been researched Support.

Diets were not created by the military
The program’s website states that the diet was not developed by a team of military scientists. It is called the Military Diet because it requires discipline and endurance to achieve results.The site also notes that the diet has evolved over time, but does not directly answer who created the program in the FAQ section , and there are no health experts listed on the website.

Can a military diet help you lose weight in the long run?
The Military Diet is primarily a quick solution. In fact, the site even states that it works well for weight loss emergencies, such as needing to fit into a wedding dress, or getting ready to meet the person who’s coming to Exes, so you can “make them drool”.

Bottom line: this plan is as outdated as those references. The Military Diet is a strict, regimented, calorie-controlled diet with no research into its short or long-term outcomes. In addition, the original version included too little produce, and too many processed foods, including hot dogs, white biscuits, and ice cream. Instead of teaching about nutrition and lifestyle changes to promote weight maintenance, it relied on an outdated calorie-in vs. calorie-out Out strategy.

The truth is that losing weight may require suppressing excess calorie consumption. However, the quality of those calories is key, not only for weight loss, but also for optimizing mental and physical energy, improving the Mood, reducing the risk of chronic disease, as well as supporting immunity, sleep and digestion. A long term